Endless Healing, LLC

Heal Body. Clear Mind. Free Spirit.

Endless Healing, LLC was created to provide Integrative and Holistic Physical Therapy.

Why is this style of Physical Therapy different?

Conventional PT is designed to treat a person’s symptoms, in a somewhat one size fits all model. I created Endless Healing to be able to provide people with one on one, customized evaluations and treatments.

The mission is to heal people from the root cause of the problem, while also treating the symptoms. The entire premise is to look at all the contributing factors that could affect your pain and create restriction. Your posture, gait, muscle tension, any joint restrictions, behavioral habits, as well as anxiety and stress factors are all addressed.

The power in knowing what causes your body imbalances, gives us the power to heal them. The extraordinary treatments are focused on giving you access to a multitude of healing techniques. I incorporate a wide array of manual therapies. I combine breath and bodywork with stress relief, meditation, yoga, posture training, flexibility and strengthening into your individualized program.

Don’t wait another day, contact me now to schedule your One on One.

About Reshma Patel, DPT

Graduated with Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York University.
Completed my undergraduate education at Boston University and University of Delaware with a focus on Neuroscience.

I have extensive training in outpatient orthopedic settings, as well as training in women’s health. I have been practicing physical therapy for 8 years, frequently incorporating alternative healing techniques with clients; creating incredible results. These techniques and a “whole” body approach to physical therapy allows people to heal faster, and by addressing the root of the problem, it provides them with a wonderful knowledge to preventative care and a rejuvenated start to well-being.

I would love to help you heal, so that you can get back to being that wonderful, active, fabulous, whole spirit.

Recent Training & Continuing Education Courses

Certified Meditation Teacher/Coach Training
Kundalini Yoga Workshop
Restorative Yoga Workshop
Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction and Treatment
Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie Method) Part B: The Cervical and Thoracic Spine
Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie Method) Part A: The Lumbar Spine
Humor & Healing
Spirituality & Healing
Food, Mood and Cognition
Women’s Health PT Seminars:
-Migraines & Headaches
-Chronic Pain
PT of the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex
Core Stabilization Training for the Low Back Patient
The Lumbosacral Complex
Treatment of Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction: The Basics of Sacroiliac Mobilization
Cervical-Thoracic Stabilization Training
Applied Techniques of Manual Therapy: Comprehensive Treatment of the Shoulder
Shoulder Disorders: Update on Evaluation and Management
Kinesio Taping

Contact me at: endlesspossibilities.org@gmail.com

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