From Now Until Infinity





I came into the world with happiness as a goal.
I came in wanting to change fear into compassion.
I came in with more love than I knew what to do with.

Then I realized adults dominate children.
I learned they put their hands on you wherever they want.

My spirit died a slow death early in life.
Gone was the sprinkles and the sparkles.
Gone was the innocence.
Gone was the love I came to give.

Now I rise; knowing more, paying my karmic dues.
Filling the void of tears, pain, judgment, criticism,
With self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

I stand taller. My shoulders resting on my back.
Head held high and heart beating through my hands.

I am brave. I have a voice.
My spirit healed and ready to soar.

I saw the skies open up to me.
I saw the sun shine through me.
I felt the earth support me.
I found my God…within me.

And I promise to love her fiercely–
From now until infinity.

2 thoughts on “From Now Until Infinity

  1. Those words captured your heart and resolve so well, it brought me to tears. Beautiful!

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