3 Spiritual Lessons that Healed My Pain

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“Your mind is the servant. Your body is the vehicle. Your soul is the residence.“(Yogi Bhajan)
Yet so many of us, allow our minds and bodies to control our souls. I learned this the painful way.

About 2 ½ years ago, I started to lose my voice and constantly had a sore throat. At first, I attributed it to a post nasal drip and allergies. After a year of no change, I then attributed the problem to late nights, wine, or having to talk louder at gatherings. I finally went to a specialist, who told me I had a growth on my vocal cord. The cause was overuse and not breathing properly when I talk. It was completely benign and that nothing needed to be done.

Nothing needed to be done? I needed my voice back!

Having worked with people in pain my entire life, I was avoiding what I already knew, the spiritual side of my pain. I wasn’t honoring my voice. I would shy away from confrontation even when I had something to stand for. I was saying “yes” when I clearly should’ve said “no.” I was fluffing up conversations, when I could’ve just used 3-5 words and told someone what I really thought. All because I lived in that comfortable place called Fear. Fear I would disappoint, fear I’d be judged, and my worst fear of all, I wouldn’t be liked.

Well how’d that work out for me? I had no voice to even answer that.

I had to start believing in myself and learned these 3 powerful lessons along the way. I haven’t had any pain or lost my voice since.

Lesson 1: Just Breathe.
Deep breathing is honestly the first place to start healing. Check out how to breathe Here.

Most of us, in this I’m-so-busy world, breathe using only our upper lungs, which doesn’t fill our lungs to capacity. When you allow proper breath into your body, you allow life to enter. Every cell, organ, and system, in our bodies run off a wonderful fuel called oxygen. Its like putting standard grade gasoline in your car, versus premium. Our bodies can’t afford standard. Sure it gets you by, but if you really want to live, feel, and heal, then you need to upgrade.

Deep breathing gives you control over your thoughts and actions. It brings you to a place where you find the real you; the calm, happy, loving you.

Lesson 2: Surrender to Your Truth.
Does holding onto the pain feel good? Absolutely! I loved my deep, raspy voice. It made me feel sexy. It also gave me an excuse to avoid situations rather than addressing them. The reality is, that holding onto the pain, enabled me to live in fear. Fear of speaking up. Fear that prevented me from following my purpose and living my dream.

Does this sound familiar? Come out. Let the world see you, hear you, honor you. It begins with honoring your truth.

My truth is that I am a caring and compassionate person with something to say! What I have to offer comes from a place of love. Outside of that if someone is going to judge me, get upset with me, or not like me, then I don’t need to be around that negativity. If by saying “no” or speaking up means that my opinion gets noticed, or I get to read that awesome book, or even go on that hike I’ve been yearning. Is that so bad?

You need to embrace you, not the pain.

Lesson 3: Honor Your Voice.
For me it was quite literal. I needed to really speak up, in order to get my voice back and heal my pain. This blog and Endless Healing are proof of that. Whatever voice represents to you, maybe its playing your guitar at the local pub, becoming a yoga instructor, or taking that CEO position. Its whatever makes your soul smile ☺

Honor your voice and make it your responsibility to the world, to share it.

4 thoughts on “3 Spiritual Lessons that Healed My Pain

  1. Let light shine in. Great article.

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