In My Daughter’s Eyes

I am Fearless.
I climb the highest peak in the park,
and slide down hands in the air, stark.

I am Kindness.
Believing sharing is caring,
being forgiving and fairing.

I am Love.
Full of infinite hugs and kisses,
worth way more than material riches.

I am Support.
The hand that holds hers,
in times of wonderment or fears.

I am Comfort.
The blanket she cuddles,
sometimes whole hearted, sometimes so subtle.

I am Strength.
I move mountains for her dreams,
in her honor nothing is extreme.

I am Beautiful.
My hair, my clothes,
my grace, my flows;
I am fit to be a real princess.

I am a Teacher.
I hold the answers to the unknown,
maybe even the formula for becoming grown.

I am a Protector.
I know the thoughts before she speaks,
I know the moves before she leaps.

I am Crazy.
Like the Hulk or the Mad Scientist,
ping-ponging between loudest and quietest.

I am a Hero.
I make bad dreams go away,
and save her from spiders that prey.

I am Peace.
I allow calmness and clarity,
embracing her in a light of sincerity.

I am Fun.
Jumping, dancing,
playing, and prancing.

I am Every Mother, every mother is in Me.
Even if I lose faith, I know the truth lies,
in my daughter’s eyes.

2 thoughts on “In My Daughter’s Eyes

  1. I really like this!! Such a good reminder to be kind to yourself.

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