My Worth

 I’ve allowed someone to yell at me,
-To push me around.
I’ve allowed someone to decide my destiny,
-To label me and put me in a pretty pink box.
I’ve allowed someone to plan my days,
-To keep me busy, unpassionate and bored.
I’ve allowed someone to lie to me,
-To turn my laughter into tears.
I’ve allowed someone to silence my words,
-To put doubt in my truth.
I’ve allowed someone to tell me how to define love,
-To have expectations, conditions and the power of guilt.
I’ve allowed someone to keep me small
-To judge, criticize and lose faith in myself.
I’ve allowed someone to disrespect me
-To put a caste system on love.
I’ve allowed someone to separate my world,
-To keep me down because I was born a girl.
I’ve realized that someone…is me.
-Another part of me, but me all the same.
I’ve realized that I’m more than a label,
-I’m Infinite.
I’ve realized I’m great at a lot of things,
-I’m Passionate.
I’ve realized I’m able to heal, motivate and inspire
-I’m the Light.
I’ve realized ….
-I’m Strong, Independent, Happy, Lovable, Truthful, Faithful, Loyal, Funny, Fearless, Fabulous,
That alone allows me the power to determine My Worth.

8 thoughts on “My Worth

  1. Beautifully written!!! Brought tears to my eyes.

  2. This is beautiful! Can’t wait to

  3. Great post. Love reading your inspirational messages.

  4. Well done! Proud of ya! #inspire

  5. Love it!!! Really happy for you 😊

  6. Endless Possibilities

    Thanks so much for all the support!! You guys are wonderful and definitely motivating 🙂

  7. Love it! Very Inspiring in deed!

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